Is Your Muffler Making Funny Sounds? It Might Be Time for a New Exhaust System

A fully functioning exhaust system is very important because this is what takes the harmful fumes from your engine to the outside. It also increases your engine’s performance while reducing its noise output, so there cannot be any problems because that can be dangerous. A car’s exhaust system works very hard, and a leak could force the system to work harder than it should, and this can result in a failed engine.

If you ever notice that your muffler is making strange noises or feel that your system is worn out, it is important to replace your exhaust system as this could save you a lot of money in the long run. The good news is that your car will usually give you signs to notify you that it needs repairs, so you will be aware when the time comes. If your car’s muffler is having issues or is making funny sounds, it will give you clues that there is a problem, so keep a lookout for the following:

Decreased Fuel Efficiency
An exhaust leak will impact your fuel efficiency, so if you notice a sudden decrease, it is an indication of a problem. A leak will cause you to have to fill your fuel tank a lot more often because your exhaust will be unable to build enough back pressure, which will take away its power, and you will have to press on the accelerator pedal more to increase the power output to your vehicle.

If you ever feel vibrations through your car or on your steering wheel, it may be a sign that you have an exhaust leak. It is best to take your vehicle in for repairs right away because vibrations can be a big safety issue.

Increased Noise From Your Engine
If your engine sounds louder than usual, it can be a sign of a muffler failure. This is because your exhaust reduces engine noise, so any problems with this component, including leaks along the exhaust, gaskets or the manifolds, will lead to increased engine noise. The same is true if there are leaks along the joints.

Sluggish Tendencies
If you notice that your car is having trouble accelerating as quickly as it normally does or you feel as though your car seems more sluggish than usual, it is a sign that there is a problem somewhere along your exhaust system that is causing a restriction.

The bottom line is that if you ever hear funny sounds coming from your muffler or notice decreased vehicle efficiency, it is best to take your car in for repairs. Do not risk your safety and let Evolve Auto help. We specialize in auto repairs and performance parts, so whether you need car suspension parts, exhaust system parts or an invidia exhaust, we’ve got you covered! Come into our auto body shop in Markham today!

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