How Auto Body Shops Identify Unseen Damage after a Collision

In most cases, the aftermath of a car accident will include visible signs of damage and scratched paint, a broken windshield, and a dented bumper are just a few examples of damage you may see. Most drivers will focus on visible damages, but it is important to note that not all damage will be obvious after a car accident, so it is a must that you have your vehicle inspected by a professional so that they can determine if there is unseen damage.

This applies to all vehicles, but newer vehicles in particular need to be careful because these cars have automated driver assistance systems, and these components and sensors cannot be seen. The professionals at an auto body shop will be able to identify whether the damage is cosmetic or if there is unseen damage that may not be visible. This type of damage can affect your vehicle’s performance and can impact your car’s safety features, so you need to make sure these problems are resolved so that you and your car are not at risk.

The sensors in newer cars are often located in the front or rear bumpers and throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle. These sensors provide drivers with guidance and assistance and contain advanced technologies, which allow for features like parallel parking assistance and rear cameras that help with backing up. If you are ever in a car accident, it is very important that you check on these systems to ensure they are not damaged and that they are still fully operational. It would be very difficult to confirm this information on your own, so you need to contact an auto body shop because they have the knowledge and skills to detect unseen damage. They will be able to perform a diagnostic scan, which will be completed before they start on repairs, and this will tell them if there are unseen damages that need to be taken care of.

A repair technician will connect your car to a scanner, and diagnostic scanning will reveal any unseen damages that need to be addressed. If such codes appear, it means that there is a problem or miscommunication between the systems, and the scan would flag all of these issues because it runs through every program and feature that helps your car run. The scan allows repair technicians to have visibility into the unseen systems so that they can fix any problems that are detected.

If you are ever involved in a car accident, it is important to consider unseen damages so that they can be fixed. This will provide you with peace of mind, and you will know that your car is safe to drive. Evolve Auto can help in this regard, so whether you need an oil change, exhaust system parts, auto performance parts or repairs, we do it all. If you are in Markham, contact our body shop today!

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