High-Performance Parts: What Is Best For Your Engine?

In order for you to get the most out of your vehicle’s engine, performance parts must be the right fit and need to be installed properly. There are a number of high-performance parts in today’s market and most of them can increase horsepower while helping your engine reach its full potential.

If you are in the market for new parts and want to know which ones are best for your engine, the following information can help:


Getting rid of the stock muffler your car came with and replacing it with an aftermarket exhaust system can make a big difference in terms of your car’s engine. A slip-on can be installed to help provide more power. Performance mufflers can help provide a deep tone without any noise because they are designed for superior flow.

Cylinder heads

This is the main part that brings air and fuel to be burned in and out of the engine. Some of these heads can be heavy but high-performance ones are light making them more ideal for street and track performance. A lot of performance cylinder heads are made from aluminum, and this helps dissipate heat faster while helping to cool the engine.

Air filters

This is a must-have because these parts look great while helping airflow. Cold air kits, in particular, are able to boost horsepower and can also make a vehicle more fuel-efficient. A performance air filter is always a better option because they are made of higher quality material, which will provide your car with a speed boost, so keep that in mind because average air intake tubes are not built for the performance of fuel economy.


This component can be upgraded and is designed to mix air and gasoline for burning inside the engine. Upgrading the barrels will increase performance in older cars and if this is something you are considering, a new intake manifold will have to be installed as well but you will be increasing your speed.


These help to convert linear energy into rotational energy, which allows the wheels to move the car forward. Typical crankshafts are heavy, which can hold your car back but lightweight cranks allow for engines to rev faster, resulting in quicker acceleration.

These parts are important if you are looking for speed and will all help increase the horsepower in your engine. Installing them will provide you with faster acceleration and improved pass-and-merge ability.

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