Common Myths About Engine Oil and Oil Changes

Engine oil is a very important component of a car as oil changes, so you have to monitor this. Changing your oil regularly will ensure your car runs smoothly, and choosing the right type of oil will make a difference as well.

There are many myths surrounding engine oil and oil changes, so you have to be aware of the many misconceptions that exist. Knowledge is key when it comes to vehicle safety, and having an understanding of what is true and what is false will allow you to make informed decisions.

If you’re ready to set the record straight, the following guide will help by highlighting the most popular myths:

Dark Oil Is Problematic
Most people think that dark oil always needs to be changed, but this is false, and a dark colour is not always an indication that your oil is dirty. In many cases, dark oil can continue to do its job, and it’s important to understand that some oils go dark very fast, so this is not always a sign of a problem. Gritty oil is an indication of dirt, so this type of oil needs to be changed right away, and the same is true if your oil is grainy.

You Must Get Your Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles
This is a great rule of thumb, although it does not apply for every car because high-quality oil can go for many more miles, so you won’t necessarily have to change it this often. It’s always best to check your owner’s manual, as this will tell you exactly how often you should change your oil.

Once You Use Synthetic Oil, You’ll Have To Continue With It Forever
This, too, is completely false, and it is totally fine to change between synthetic and conventional oil. This is actually a fairly normal process, and synthetic oil has undergone more chemical manufacturing, and you can switch back to conventional if you like.

Oil Additives Are All The Same
Oil additives are specifically engineered to help your engine in different ways, so this is not true as some oil additives are designed to help older cars last longer while others are designed to keep the oil performing under high pressure and heavy use. If an oil says that it is formulated for a specific purpose, it would be wise to listen to this information.

You Don’t Need To Change Your Filter Every Time
Oil filters are usually designed to last one oil cycle, so you do have to change it every time you change out your oil. It is this component that will remove most of the grime and sludge that can accumulate in your engine, so it needs to be changed regularly; otherwise, it will not be able to perform as it should.

The experts at Evolve Auto will always provide you with honest information, so you can rely on our team for oil changes and so much more. Contact us today to find out more!

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