An Expert Guide To Exhaust Systems For Cars

Properly working exhaust systems help remove gases from your car’s engine that is caused by combustion while reducing harmful emissions as well. Additionally, exhaust systems also reduce people’s exposure to dangerous gases and allow the engine to run more effectively.

If you ever hear an odd sound or smell a concerning scent from your exhaust system, you must get an expert to look at it right away so that they can fix it and ensure your car is safe for you to drive.

If you’re unfamiliar with exhaust systems, the following guide will provide you with all the information you need, including how they work. An exhaust manifold collects exhaust gases from the cylinder head in the engine and acts as a funnel to divert those gases from all the cylinders of the engine to then release them through a single opening called the front pipe. The gases then pass through a silencer or muffler and provide your car with a clean system, which will allow it to run smoothly.

Manifold, gases and cylinders are the most commonly used terms when it comes to exhaust systems and other key terms you may come across are a muffler, catalytic converter and turbocharger. There are several different types of exhaust systems, and the following are the most common ones:

Single exit pipe

This is generally found in cars that are purchased from dealers and are the most common type of exhaust system. The exit comes out of the passenger side of the car and this type of system is inexpensive to build and install. They are not considered the most efficient, although they are an economical choice and used the most within the car industry.

Dual rear exit

This means there are two exhaust pipes, usually on opposite sides of the back bumper, and are most often used for sports cars. They work to expel the car’s exhaust two times over, so they are considered to be more efficient than other types of exhaust systems.

Opposite dual exhaust

The exhaust pipes wrap around the wheels with this type of system, which is typically seen in vehicles that carry heavy machinery, boats or trailers. The reason the pipes bend is that it helps the exhaust gases to stay away from the load so that no residue is left behind. This type of system is very efficient, and in some cases, will provide the car with more power as well.

High-performance exhaust systems

This is an aftermarket option that is extremely efficient but also expensive. They consist of wider pipes, which reduces pressure and increases engine performance as a result. Changes to the manifold will be necessary, which is why this option is so costly.

Evolve Auto can help with any modifications or repairs your exhaust system may need. If you want your vehicle to be handled by experts, bring your car into our shop today!

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