Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Exhaust System Hanger

The mounts that are used to secure and support your exhaust pipes are called exhaust system hangers, or exhaust supports. These supports are typically made out of rubber, so that they can absorb any vibrations from your car’s engine and to allow flexibility for the movement of your exhaust pipes as the vehicle is moving.

These exhaust system hangers are an important part of your car, as they play an important role in properly securing your exhaust and preventing excessive noise and vibration from entering your cabin.

If any one of your exhaust supports is malfunctioning, this can cause a serious problem with your exhaust system and affect the comfort of your vehicle’s cabin.

Some common symptoms of a bad or failing exhaust hanger can include:

Your Exhaust Is Visibly Hanging Low
An exhaust hanging too low to the ground visibly just does not look right. It can even get so bad that your exhaust is trailing and scraping on the road when you are driving. Since exhaust hangers are made out of rubber, they are prone to drying out and cracking, and eventually break over time. The result is an excessively low exhaust pipe, which can be seen from the back of the vehicle.

Excessive Noise, Or Hissing Noises
If you notice that your exhaust is becoming excessively noisy, this can be due to a crack in the pipe from a lack of support, and an exhaust leak can occur. The resulting noise can be a hissing or tapping noise from under your vehicle. The noise can become louder during acceleration or when your engine is cold.

You Notice A Decrease In Your Vehicle’s Performance
This can either be a decrease in power, fuel efficiency or acceleration. If your exhaust supports are failing or break, this can add additional stress to your exhaust pipes, which can then break or crack. These broken or cracked pipes will create an exhaust leak, and if large enough, it can cause a pretty noticeable decrease in auto performance.

While exhaust supports are a pretty simple part in your vehicle’s overall structure, they provide a very important service. If you think that your exhaust support system is compromised, then you should have your vehicle inspected by an auto expert at Evolve Auto in Markham.

This also highlights the importance of annual vehicle check-ups, as you can catch something small like a cracked or deteriorating exhaust system support before any further damage can occur to your vehicle’s exhaust pipes. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars, so your car and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Contact Evolve Auto today to book an exhaust system inspection and make sure that your vehicle continues to be safe to use for you and your passengers. 

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