6 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Suspension systems are often taken for granted. They support several tons of metal year after year, which will cause them to wear out, at which point a suspension repair will be necessary. A bad suspension will affect your ability to control your vehicle, particularly when stopping or turning, so it is very important that you complete this repair so that you can drive safely. The suspension is a lot more than just having a smooth ride, and repairing it is equally as important as other maintenance issues like oil changes and brakes, for example.

Your vehicle will provide you with signs that it is in need of suspension repair and damage is a lot easier to detect than you may think, so look out for the following:

A rough ride

Your car should never feel as though it is off-road when you are driving on a paved road. A rough or bumpy ride is generally the first sign that your suspension is in need of repairs. If you are experiencing rough rides, it would be wise to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop so that it can be looked at.

Excessive swaying

If you feel as though your car sways too far to the left or right when you turn, it is a sign that your suspension has worn out and likely needs to be repaired. The same is true if your vehicle leans back a little too far when you hit the gas or nose-dives when you brake because these, too, are signs that your suspension should at least be looked at.

Worn treads

If you notice that the tread on your tires looks as though it is wearing down unevenly, it may be a sign that your car’s suspension is not properly distributing the weight onto your tires, causing uneven tire wear.

Leaky shocks

Shocks are easy to look at, so check to see if there is any oily residue or damage. If you notice that they are leaking fluid or you spot any damage, your car probably needs suspension repair.

Dipped corner

If all of your tires are filled with air, yet one corner of your car looks as though it is lower than the rest, there may be an issue with the suspension. Suspensions do wear out over time and while it may be odd, they do sometimes wear out on one corner of the car only, which will cause it to appear lop-sided.

Excessive bounce

You can test this aspect by going to the front of your car and pushing down on your hood. If your car bounces multiple times after you push on it, you will know that the suspension is not working as it should.

Evolve Auto can check on your suspension and ensure it is in good condition. We will make sure your car is safe to drive, so bring your vehicle to us today!

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